Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I pray, just to know that I won't be the prey
I always late, but please give me that faith
I fall, but I fell in a wrong hole
I cry, but I still try

I hid, but I can still be hit
I look up above, but easily get drown by a word: love
I wrote hundreds of letters, but still don't get better
I sing a song, but you kept me on waiting so long

I run away, and then I fall and stay
I draw lot of pictures, but your face that I captured
I am in misery and pain, but still waiting for you coming back again
I closed the door. because hey, for who am I waiting for?

I am stunned
I am called
I am trapped
Oxygen is not enough to make me step.

You do feel the same, don't you?


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