Friday, June 27, 2014

But You Didn't

You told me to organized myself,
By making a list of my own spending
By making an agenda
By attending every class I have
And I did.

You told me to eat twice a day,
Scared that I will get sick
Because here I’m concerned more about my money
Than my health
And I did.

You told me to love you,
Make our relationship real again
For the world to know we still have each other
Save our photographs in my wallet
To contact you when I had the chance
To make you smile
And I did.

I wished you hang on to me,
To forgive my childish manners
To absorb my explosive emotions
As always
Waited for me to come back home
Had a little faith on me
But you didn’t.

 -inspired by a poem with the same title

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Titik Terendah Itu Muncul Lagi

Mungkin terlalu dini untuk update lagi, tapi ada berita terbaru.

Dia punya yang baru. Ya. Dia punya yang baru.
Sama seperti waktu itu.
Terulang lagi. Seperti yang sudah kubilang, seperti roda gigi.
Titik terendah ini muncul kembali.
Dinding ini mungkin udah terlalu rusak untuk diperbaiki lagi.

Gue melewati fase di mana gue membuang mereka.
Yang lebih cantik dari dia.
Yang lebih punya nama dari dia.
Yang memberi di saat dia tidak ada.

Tapi ini cinta.
Dia memberi semuanya.
Timbal balik yang gue kasih? Nggak seberapa.
Dia lelah. Gue telah melampaui batas.

Sisi positifnya? Inspirasi untuk menulis.
Tapi itu bukan alasan. Itu hanya pelampiasan.

Gue mau sama dia lagi.
Gue mau sama dia lagi.
Gue mau sama dia lagi
Gue mau sama dia la......

Ah, sudahlah.

Sunday, June 8, 2014



Yang terhormat, pecundang kehidupan

Kami takut pada yang tidak memiliki wujud

Kami hanya mengetahui kalimat mereka muncul dari atas sana

Kami yang ingkar pada tata tertib

Kami dengan dengki memotong pembicaraan

Kami memandu pertikaian

Kami hidup dan melangkah dengan kaki kami, sendiri

Kami mencuri arti, kami mencuri ideologi

Kami semu, kami tak memahami, kami tidak berdaya

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The boy and the women are on flame
On Friday let's fool around
Let's call all the brave ones on that war
The soldier who never miss the shots

Good temper which never makes sense
Bring me the tune to mark the spot with my lips
Turn around the strings and a little tambourine
Make the strangers dancing around the beat

It will be such a late-night attack
And if the boy is from other bands
Can also be comfortable today
And the girl does not play the time

This day will give the lesson
And the night when the moon shine so bright
I will ask the great God for protection
And make every single thing to be a worthwile fight

Monday, June 2, 2014

Beautiful Dream

Listen to what I’m about to say
That now you will begin
The fight that was once
Not allowed to be practiced

The energy is spread
Already contagious
The violin is replicating
And the game is not just for show

The kick has already been released
The escape was secure above
The game of love has already passed
Now you will have the game of life

I woke up early in the morning
And could not explain
That dream was so beautiful
Although when you realize it's all about the pain

-Sonho Lindo (edited)