Tuesday, January 23, 2018


She's not unbearable, just too predictable.
Even though it's not fair,
For me or for her, to compare.

Making me better than being with myself.
Not keeping my mind in my own shelf.
To prevent me drowning in my own haunt.
That is simply what I want.

Even though I don't feel the tingling,
Slowly, I'm healing.

Maybe I just can't wait.
Because everybody needs a clean slate.

Picking up from what we left but it was different.
Getting some tonight then act indifferent.
Try to talk highly but she's not on the same level.
Sort of having a conversation in the medieval.

Trying to ignore her, for stating the obvious,
She had no idea, totally oblivious.

Friday, December 29, 2017


No lies, consider it done.
Exchanging smiles, from day one.

No more playing, no more second thought.
I'll never try to make you something that you're not.

Making you laugh,
Writing our own autobiograph.

These are not promises,
These are vows.

Erasing this lost cause.
Hoping we unpause.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How Ordinary Are You?

Stepping into the light.
Stars, they unite.

Living in a denial.

Placing death on a speed dial.

Future with no face.

Where troubles take place.

One day it feels okay.

Then god says,"Not today."

Dreaming of a perfect world.

A life of the uncurled.

Another tale of a question.

Add a third party in that equation.

Being married to sorrow.

Gonna try,
First thing tomorrow.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The One

Telling these stories hoping a clean slate.
About you know what and you know who.
Years too far and years too late.
About when I fell and which I blew.

Searching for The One.
They said.
What comes after The One?
The next one.
The other one.
They said.

For better or worse, she chooses.
Getting out of formality.
Every little details every little excuses.
Making path out of technicality.

All these years I've been listening,
To my own gate, opening.
Always looking.
Secretly wishing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Loose Ends

How the hell a text message can ruin your day?
Let me tell you how my days go so far. Not going to class, stress-eating almost everday, didn’t go to train at all, and today I’m walking to the atm to draw some money on my campus, in the rain, with a pair of jeans and a sweater, and went back to my dorm. Internet is mean, I’m telling you.

A blog supposed to be a modern diary, a place when you are spitting out about everything. So here goes  a big one. I’m questioning my decisions since I’ve finished my high school. To be honest, mostly regret. I’m a big irony. I’m regretting that I joined this, let’s just call it: The Sea. The two bottomline is two of the biggest bottomline that everyone has, life and love. If I never joined The Sea, I would never be this much of a mess. I will be just stay fat, finished my college by now, getting a corporate monkey job, earning money, living my life. If I never joined the sea, I would be getting over my first love, not getting the second heartbreak from someone I thought my soulmate for life, virgin and happy, until finally the one comes along, loving my love. I’m always telling myself to not having any regret, no wondering, no what ifs no maybes, no buts, but I’m exploding with all of those now. I’m a human after all.
So now, bye bye healthy life, bye bye diploma, and bye bye love.

Can I just pack my bags, run off somewhere, and start a new life?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kita Dan Kata

Membungkam berhadapan kursi tak bernyawa.
Hujan terbahak dengan gemuruhnya.
Bertukar cerita dengan kopi melalui nadi.
Terlalu erat dipeluk sunyi.

Tanpa saksi hanya angin di beranda.
Hanya ukiran lalu menghias tanpa nada.
Bahwasanya mereka berbincang tanpa suara.
Rahasia rindu yang dibalut lara.

Detik berlari dengan kilat.
Meretas memori dalam kotak cokelat.
Bayangan pencipta elegi.
Merasuki akal sehat hingga terbunuh mati.

Pada sumpah dunia berada,
Rasa yang terbaring di atas keranda.
Bertingkah agung setara artis.
Belaka diam bertenggang puitis.

- SDA x Arch -

Friday, November 17, 2017

How Come?

Two nights in a row write something new.
About how and when, to name a few.
Going out with the most delicate girl at the prom.
Will never happened from where I came from.

I'll never be the tightest.
A dying sun shines the brightest.
It always happens after eleven.
Too curious that you can't even.

Doodling creatures from a perfect world.
Being the one who winning but your stomach hurled.
No connection or whatsoever among your friends.
A simple sentence leading to where it all ends.

Those energies you said you were trying to embrace.
They shall reap in ashes not leaving any trace.
Recovering faith, but maybe just a little bit.
The dream stands still, you're just not in it.