Sunday, June 18, 2017

Long Lost Love

All seeing eye that sees through a thin line.
You already have yours and I already have mine.
Setting fire giving chills to your bone.
How do you expect to see your own gravestone?

Imagine you are finding your long lost love.
A magic that does the trick from up above
Thinking all the things that you've been done.
Figured all night that she might be the one.

Looking for forgiveness across the universe.
As you dig deeper only to find that things just got worse.
Sleepless nights with quotes written on the glass.
Those eye bags represent the middle-class.

Tell me everything will be just fine.
Amuse me with stories over a bottle of wine.
As we grow old and secrets burden in our spines.
Your love is illogical, it's magical.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Table For One

Twelve o'clock it's three drinks breezing cold.
Three o'clock it's five where they were growing old.
Talking about work in front of the under-graduated.
Catching dreams from the feelings that are complicated.

Shouting while cursing like nobody's around.
Observe, but closing the curtain, yet they bound.
Tightening torque inside cheap skinny jeans.
In a cup filled with nothing but saturated fat beans.

A long bench with no residents, its just standing still.
Forcing sleep against the power of will.
If they even aware the human being around or just clones.
Looking down with no smile upon those smartphones.

Sometimes we know someone from her playlist.
Driven away when she saved a melody that barely exist.
You can learn so much from this table for one.
A million type of blazing hell to the midnight sun.

We know you lied that you're not interested,
In time travelling shit knowing you were wasted.
Since we can't outrun each other every Tuesday,
It's killing me that I can't even say,"Hey".

Friday, April 28, 2017


Cerita ini hanya didengar oleh aku dan secangkir kopi
Dua baris paragraf yang mengisahkan bingkisan bercorak magenta.
Empat bangku dengan dua orang di seberang dan berkawankan sepi.
Mereka bersua sedangkan aku mati dibunuh kata.

Telah tiba hari di mana nurani sampai di pertigaan.
Antara ladang kering atau tanah penuh genangan.
Tertera tanda memutar balik yang dapat menjadi pilihan.
Kaki terpaku pilu, kaku tak mampu berjalan.

Ratusan konsultasi dilancarkan kepada seorang insan.
Bukan rayuan, bukan keluhan, bukan juga roman picisan.
Hanya rintihan, selingan perputaran roda kehidupan.
Ini baru permulaan, di ujung sana terdapat titik persekutuan.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Love X Lust

Going down the road while leaving footprints.
I'm making a coffee this morning while she's dropping hints.
Taking advantages of the sunshine and what in her beliefs.
Now I'm sure we can't only depend on some "what-ifs".

Dinner's served tonight trying to look tough.
I gave all the flowers and cards but it weren't enough.
Through the embarrassment dances in the past,
I couldn't remember how calming your handwriting was.

Even though it's only a thin-red line,
And now you have yours and I have mine,
Every Tuesday, every now and then,
Seeing the arrival and departure of women and men,

I think it will be my last call.
That would be all.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Last Of Us

I knew it was a fate when we met and tied together.
It's not really not just the same now without her.
Nowadays I'm not really being unfaithful.
When I stepped that pedal my life became officially dull.

I know it's cliché when I say I haven't move on
And I know it's an irony when sometimes I stalked you since you been gone.
The path I walked in since we took part was the opposite of cotton.
If only I could press a reset button.

Look at my dreams, they're all shattered they're all flying.
Pay attention to this pot, this rose is dying.
We can't expect of somebody to be our last.
No matter how hard you try, you just can't escape the past.

"The world took something from him,
So he took something from the world."
-The Last Of Us (2013)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One Heavy February

On the edge of empire of hollowness.
Neither one of us would take that leap of faith.
Every other people who share to their beloved ones.

Hence I chose not to be ordinary.
Even if those heroes point their swords against me.
All the wrong choices brought me to this February.
Violates every step that I took even though I was shimmy.
Yawning every night silently in that library.

First of all, I'm not trying to be all gloomy.
Entering the darkness asking for your pity.
But I only wanted us to be easy.
Reap the stones, making my path shiny.
Under the shooting star wishing them to let me be.
Above the road I'll make them see.
Rise and shine, you filthy sack of vanity.
Yet I survived again this month of serendipity.

Nine Pillars Of Clarity

To slowly die in vain, or to be suffered in pain.
Even when people have to bow, they must be sealed in a vow.
Feeling tricked within two cities in such a shame.
Only to realize everything is nothing more than just a game.

Spending pennies and cents to forget of how it was.
In a cheap café trying so hard willing to adjust.
In a night where the moon sends her best regards.
In a useless world when  the memories caught you off-guard.

How god create such a scenario to a happy ending movie.
Dream about travelling countries in a faceless RV.
Why is it so hard to get a life which is safe and lovely?
I'm taking a stand, strong enough to wait for a remedy.