Friday, October 13, 2017

Silver Lining

Taking effort trying not to lose my grip.
Even though I'm three years ahead of you,
In this relationship.

I don't mind going nowhere by bus.
I'm just terrified living in a world,
Where there's no us.

Some people may take photographs.
But I prefer paragraphs.

Can't decide what's worse;
Staying up all night,
Or always forcing yourself to sleep,
Then always waking up at dawn?

Well, I'll just gonna play along.
I don't even notice anymore,
When you play our song.

I'm feeling kinda artsy now.
Feeling relieved,
That I don't have to make a vow.

Don't take the positive out of everything.
Take the negative and fucking fix it.
You know,
Silver Lining.

Friday, October 6, 2017

If I could mail it,
The doubts and regrets in my thoughts,
I would gladly make a toast,
And release it all form my drafts.

Friday, September 29, 2017

He Misses You

I know that we haven't spoken for awhile.
How we teach ourselves grow apart.
Is it so hard to hit dial?
Turn the world upside down and have a fresh start.

Long trips and quick getaways.
To avoid seeing how beautiful you bloom.
Wondering how my life would be if she stays.
We were inseparable, but now we can't even be in the same room.

How sad it was to stay in your own thoughts.
Guessing how crowded the ambience of your wits.
Asking myself about you tying the knots.
Remembering our throne and it just fits.

Telling people to be up and about.
Seeing that maybe you still having a doubt.
Watching a movie and missed the preview.
Wasting time and money just to tell that he misses you.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Still Nothing

Not that I'm looking forward to that travelling train.
Or that we will crash and burn inside this never ending trip.
They said that it will be fun to walk in the rain.
Her only logic will eventually as much as a sinking ship.

It's only logical, said the one and only Mr. Spock.
Nothing came close to whatever she had in her mind.
Granted to whoever arrives in her tiny little sock.
Every other direction then goes left behind.

Later, she assumed that was because her departure.
Sadly, I'm just simply back to what I were when she wasn't there.
Even when she claimed she was in a torture.
Willing to die to receive every man can share. 

Obtain permission to tear the world apart.
Realize that she can still change her everyday.
Kind of odd if you think this is come from a sincere heart.
Delightful prison is a place when you can't have your own way.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Square One

Two sides of a story, one step at a time.
Wondering why, when, who, or what could've been.
On the edge of my seat where the inspirations rhyme.
Killing expectations because of everything we've seen.

I have tried starting from the scratch.
None of it stopping me from staying in my bed.
Down to the bottom of an unlockable latch.
Side to side where she painted her world red.

Words are you filled the jar with predictable lies.
All around the earth's atmosphere.
Voices meant to be written instead of being wise.
Every inch withdraws ourselves just to make it clear.

Since it's apparently useless facing the truth.
I realize that I'm always going back to square one.
Only to find that there is no fountain of youth.
Nevertheless we both agree that what's done is done.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Being such an illusion to the unidentified memories.
A world full of lies about unicorn and fairies.
Coming from a consciousness full of distress.
Keep falling down from taking a guess.

Dozens of desserts which fall off the table.
On the edge of the hill and your emotion's unstable.
Wonder if we can call it a tragedy or an anomaly.
Nothing came close to what you call a family.

Since when breaking hearts being a state of art?
Think about the time we drifted apart.
Old mistakes and old doubts are keeping me preoccupied.
Putting lemons on the scars and letting it bleed aside.

Pondering alone as if today is our last day.
Rest assured that it was only a foul play.
As long as the gravity works on the science fit.
Yet stumbled upon chaos to the bottomless pit.

Paradise Canceled

A lifetime struggling in this kind of mess.
No signs of miracle it will be any less.
Two spaces apart that no one would believe.
In a small crack that breaks the silence causing relieve.

Down that road everyone thought would be scary.
On scale one to ten that turns out to be ordinary.
Time apparently answers if it does not heal.
Every path we took where dreams can be real.

Testimonials for this lost cause.
Open your eyes and see what you cost.

The phase that took small pieces of you away.
Hauling our breath and haunting everyday.
Is this how it feels to be not so special?
Spending your free time to be superficial.

Heard that you're trying so hard to be bold.
It's terrifying to know what future will hold.
Getting your way with that fake ids.
Hoping to put their mind at ease.

Heaven's closed and there's no room for romance.
Only a knowledge of there's no such thing as second chance.
Playing victim fishing for another guilt.
Eloping as sign that another wall is being rebuilt.