Monday, November 11, 2013

This Drama Is Over

I think we're ready to go, pulling a curtain
take a bow as easy as aim and ignite
the way I danced, the way you moved, the way we lit up the room
bring a warp into our deepest memories

look at our reflection in the mirror now
some people just amazed by your looks
you're going far now, further than we already are
tulips and damned cities, bicycles and breads

you're different... or i thought so
when we found our perfect way to fall apart
I don't even know what makes me wide awake
just one more second 'til I'm broken again

all the time with those pick up lines weren't enough
I discovered that you weren't as innocent as you look
your hugs will never be the same as before
I won't find you at the back of my seat anymore