Friday, March 25, 2011

Chapter I -Trip To Nowhere-

A World Through Lens

Chapter I -Trip To Nowhere-

-------"It will costs Rp 15.000,00 kid." "well, thanks sir," I bought the last ticket to Venice, luckily. Rp 15.000,00? oh that's not the cost, fool. that's the cost of an ice cream I bought for my flight. who am I, you said? whoops, sorry. Too excited for the trip, tough. you can call me Richie, I was born in Jakarta, 7th July 1992. and yes, I'm an Indonesian. a photographer. a poet. a musician. a writer. I noted now is 2nd March 2011, made me 19 years old this year. My parents are rich, don't know was it the reason they named me 'Rich'. My high school? It passed really well but in the other way, it sucks. What am I doing in this airport with this cup of ice cream? Well, that question will just bring us to the past 2 years before, in this very day. where all the story began.
-------2 March, 2009. I was just 9th grader. I was going to had the last vacation with my class. I had this girl in my class, Nova. She didn't really at my attention at first but in that time she was the one I won't let go forever. She was so beautiful on that day. at night, when everybody were already asleep, I couldn't even close my eyes so I just played my guitar when someone got near me, and it's Nova! "Nov! weren't you sleeping?" "Nope, I can't sleep either. So I just listen to you all night, hehe." god, she's so sweet when she laugh. "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing - Aerosmith, isn't it?" "yep, could you sing?" we sang all song we know that night, till 2 in the morning.... "311 - Love Song, yeah?" when I sang 'I will always love you' she kissed me on the lips and said 'I love you, Chie' and from that day we were dating. We were strong. We were invincible. we were... in love.
-------Classic love story, eh? we just did just like another lovers do and to be honest, that was the second time I had girlfriend. It was lasts for about 15 months. How did we end up? Oh I just don't want to talk about it right now. In short, I ruined my own life since the day she walked away, that's it. Until now we're just fine, still contacting each other like any other friends. But to be honest, I'm deeply in love with her, but I was trapped between two doors, a door to her heart and a door to my dreams. Don't know why, I can never concentrate between girls and hobbies. That's why I lame on women things.
-------*click* "Hey, what's that all about?" "Sorry ma'am, I accidentally pressed my shutter button when I look the expression of you and your son..." "It's a girl." "...I mean your daughter, she's just too cute, just like you." "Nice of you to say so, dear. No problem." I showed the photo of her and her daughter, "wow it's amazing! are you a photographer or something?" "Thanks. Yeah, kind of. But still in learning." We were talking about anything. her name's Sophia. She was divorced about 4 months ago because her husband was cheating. But she was so patient about her condition. I respect that so much. she's gonna go to Bangkok and live there with her aunt. When the plane is about to depart we split to our own destination. Where I am going? didn't I tell you? I'm going nowhere.
-------I'm going to China, Japan, Australia, Brazil and all country I can visit. In fact, all country is in the very same world. In the very same land and in the very same sea. Where we are going, all the things just the same. The people we meet are our own brothers and sisters. So that's why I said I'm going nowhere. initially, my parents were not agree to let me travel myself. but luckily, I have a very damn useful ability 'speaking and seducing'. I have a photo of my little brother, Kevin. Actually he was my cousin, who was an orphan. His family was died on an earthquake. it was the first time I love photograph.
-------May 19, 2010. I was 10th grader. we were on the table, having dinner. just the sound of the forks and spoons hit the plate. "Mom, dad, I wanna quit school and travel the world, by myself!" I told my parents. "What a stupid thing to say, Richie!" "What are you talking about?" "What will you do without knowledge? Destiny won't come to you, you're the one who make your own destiny!" my parents shouted. "What I believe what built destiny is experience." I said. "Say whatever you want, Richie. we'll always support you but not for this one.". I punched the table and went up straight to my bed. an hour later Kevin came to my room and touched my shoulder,"Hey bro, what's up?" "Not funny, Kev." "Haha, I'm not joking at all, bro. Hey you still want to be a photographer, won't you?" "Yeah, just a fuckin dream. I don't want them to know and I'm still on my way to collect the money to buy an SLR" "Whoo, watch your tongue bro. Don't you like the digital camera? it still seems nice to use and the pictures too." "I can't create miracle with a simple thing." He put his hands on my shoulders and told me,"Look, bro. Miracles are not from what you use, but they come from how you do it and when you have it enough, that's miracle. *sigh* You shouldn't say something bad to your parents, bro. Listen, I know that you don't give damn about what they think. well, don't! finish your school with the best score, and we'll travel the world. so, what do you say?" "*smile* you should watch your tongue too, brother." From that night I've been thinking about what Kevin told me.
-------20 Mei, 2010. I was on my way home from school. Kevin and I were on the different school. and oh I forgot to tell you. I was studying photography on my own. with my digital camera or borrowing my friends' camera, whatever camera it was. My friends liked my result so I explore more on photography. Back to the story, I arrived at my house and till 06.00 pm Kevin didn't show up. I called his friends and they said he already leaving school since the bell rang. The clock showed it's 07.00 pm. 07.05 pm, my phone rang. I wore my jeans, shoes, and jacket to the hospital. Kevin was lying there on the bed. With full of colour red. His friends were there, and my parents after me. I talked to him,"Hey buddy, what's going on?" "Heyy bro, just a victim of a hit-run, bro. hehehe." "Don't talk like you're not the victim, damn." "Hey, remember. watch your tongue." 15 minutes later, his friends went waiting outside
-------He talked to me,"Hey, by the way, look on the desk, bro!" I saw the desk and there was a camera bag there,"Wow, splendid! how much it costs?" "Well, about 75% of my savings, tough." "Wow, I wish I could have one after you, bro." "Well, god already answered your wish, bro. It's yours." "What..? How could you...? Man..." "No need to be stammered, fool." "Thanks bro, you're the best man I ever known. I love you, Kevin." "I love you too, Richie. Oh come on, don't be such a gay hahaha. Let me have a rest. oh by the way, could you take a picture of me? and us?" "Oooh you're underestimating my skill, don't you? Let's see what I've got!" And just like that, something unexpected happened. He didn't rest for minutes or hours, or days. He rested forever.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Letter of αlpha & Ωmega

madame, can you hear me?
long time no see, I can't tell how much I miss you
I'm dying but I'm smiling when I wrote these words
because you taught me to smile even thought everything hurts
I'm not saying and try to write 'cause it will slurred

I'm sure from now on you're walking travel the heaven
take my hello to the moon where you now are hidden
wait for me from the day that greet has been sent
keep one of the brightest star for me until we meet again

back to the day that you used to be my second parent
the days that I thanked god it was happened
you had two keys of success, smile and patient
something I never achieved since I was seven

you're the one who told me when minus was doubled would get plus
you're the one who put alphabetical orders to my numbers
you're the one who piad my way home from the streets
you're the one who threw away my kid and introduced the teenager kits

well, our last conversation wasn't that nice
I have too much stories to tell but i know you're out of goodbyes
I really wish you could read this from up above
my last will for you is to read this letter by prayer covered by love

we will smile together again, Mrs Lina. in the very same place. we love you and miss you so much, everytime we remember your face and recall your name. thanks for leading our 3 years junior high school.

we will smile together again. I know we will.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


why does the rain have to stopped?
it washed away main pain and throw away my vain
leaves some marks and bubbles on the street
some wear a raincoat, some drive through the falling

a plastic bag which disappears by little
a roaring thunder up above the sky
a black cloud that separated
a child's cry in the middle of the night

how does it feel?
to be betrayed, twice
don't even know that I'm the one who lived
and covered behind the lies
not important, there was a lie named covenant

what can I do when I miss you?

a box that should be burned but it's invincible
it's a time capsule and my only drug
all I need is time, but you won't spare a dime
you showed me the way but then you left me under the rain

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bravo March!

it's March, let's march!

hop! hop! hop! hop!
hop! hop! hop! hop!
hop! hop! hop! hop!
hop! hop! hop! hop!

I should keep it straightened the line
you should see what will come from left to right
we should keep each other fingers' tied
they should be careful of what they're going to face

hop! hop! hop! hop!
hop! hop! hop! hop!

well done, soldiers!
you have fullfilled your mission
destroyed the enemy with no mercy
until there's no one left to carry

consider it done, general!
but was it right for us to did a genocidal?
their descendants up above won't exist
their escape would do a suicidal

life isn't fair, soldier
we must stand with our own feet
we have our own sheet
this world where we live is a huge jungle

eat, or you will be eaten.