Sunday, November 23, 2014

Place & Time

I saw you. Yes, you.
I cried right away.
I came a long way though my heart is aching.
My watch stopped working, but I'm still wearing it anyway.
It's 1 o'clock.
1 minute later, it's still 1 o'clock.
2 days later....
9 months later....
It still says 1 o'clock.

Unless you move the minute and the hour hand, again.
Give back the times I've wasted.
Just for these high expectations that will never come.

I walk alone,
Until I've had enough faces I recognized.
Their smiles were not even close to entertain me.

What I learned and realized that,
This place isn't just a city.
This place involves Joy,
 Eventually, I'm waiting for nothing.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


"Happy Birthday!"

Yes. It was my birthday.
No. I'm not happy.
It was just, birthday.
You texted me and brought me down.
 I couldn't feel my feet in this town.
You broke me and turned me around.
Since you left, I've been picking the pieces that can be found.

Different smiles 'cause you're long gone.
Cut me deep through my bones.
You never leave my mind, you never disappear.
Just look back, I'm never going anywhere, dear.

I never forget, I never forgive.
The best treat I can ever give.
I've been wounded everyday from this scar.
Knowing you will always be this far

Ripped shoes and my life's a mess.
A kind of life you will never guess.
For all the lies and broken trusts.
All I had, was us.