Friday, March 18, 2011

Letter of αlpha & Ωmega

madame, can you hear me?
long time no see, I can't tell how much I miss you
I'm dying but I'm smiling when I wrote these words
because you taught me to smile even thought everything hurts
I'm not saying and try to write 'cause it will slurred

I'm sure from now on you're walking travel the heaven
take my hello to the moon where you now are hidden
wait for me from the day that greet has been sent
keep one of the brightest star for me until we meet again

back to the day that you used to be my second parent
the days that I thanked god it was happened
you had two keys of success, smile and patient
something I never achieved since I was seven

you're the one who told me when minus was doubled would get plus
you're the one who put alphabetical orders to my numbers
you're the one who piad my way home from the streets
you're the one who threw away my kid and introduced the teenager kits

well, our last conversation wasn't that nice
I have too much stories to tell but i know you're out of goodbyes
I really wish you could read this from up above
my last will for you is to read this letter by prayer covered by love

we will smile together again, Mrs Lina. in the very same place. we love you and miss you so much, everytime we remember your face and recall your name. thanks for leading our 3 years junior high school.

we will smile together again. I know we will.


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