Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Which Path Will You Choose?

Just imagine.
Imagine what I wrote to you.
Feel it and imagine if it's really happening.

I give her options. Yeah, another bullshit I ask her.
Oh by the way, I'm insulting her with text messages for about 3 days (?).
I don't give a shit. I don't fucking care. Yet she's still with him.
According to her story, if it's true, I respect his attitude.
He gives her a week to make up her mind. If it's me or him, but I've had enough.
My chest is scattered, little by little by only reading her messages to me.

I have these paths I give her to imagine. It's much more like the best-and-worst scenario I made.
  1. Get back to me. Get back before he falls in too deep for you like I did. Explain for yourself and he will accept it. No hard feelings between us.
  2. Stay with him. You'll really fall in love with him, just like you did with me. I won't interrupt (I hope). We're growing old separated, again and maybe, just maybe, we will get married, with our own couple. Leaving regrets, in our minds, or worst, just my mind. And we keep growing old, keep growing, keep growing, keep growing..... Until my time comes up. You come to my funeral. You cry a lot. You're bringing the past in front of my grave. You're thinking about what I said a long time ago and yeah, you feel the fucking regret. Or worst, I'm already out of your mind, kicked out of your heart.

I hope she's happy
(I wish her heart will shattered, in pieces)
I hope he'll protect her no matter what
(I wish he tortures her, inside and outside)
I hope he sings with her like I did
(I wish he's yelling to her ears everyday)
I hope he will accompany her everywhere she wants
(I hope his vehicle crashes. And burns)
I hope he stays with her no matter what
(Break up immediately, seriously)

God I hope I really mean it


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