Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Table For One

Twelve o'clock it's three drinks breezing cold.
Three o'clock it's five where they were growing old.
Talking about work in front of the under-graduated.
Catching dreams from the feelings that are complicated.

Shouting while cursing like nobody's around.
Observe, but closing the curtain, yet they bound.
Tightening torque inside cheap skinny jeans.
In a cup filled with nothing but saturated fat beans.

A long bench with no residents, its just standing still.
Forcing sleep against the power of will.
If they even aware the human being around or just clones.
Looking down with no smile upon those smartphones.

Sometimes we know someone from her playlist.
Driven away when she saved a melody that barely exist.
You can learn so much from this table for one.
A million type of blazing hell to the midnight sun.

We know you lied that you're not interested,
In time travelling shit knowing you were wasted.
Since we can't outrun each other every Tuesday,
It's killing me that I can't even say,"Hey".


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