Monday, October 27, 2014


You're a projection,
Of total perfection.
In an imperfection,
That I could've imagine.

They say when you get older,
You will be wiser.
Through the various aching, but
Well, you're not aging.

We were close, once.
Through the smile and the bounce.
Your rebel sister and your hard-working mother.
To be truth I miss them as long as i remember.

It's not you, it's me.
Classic alibi everyone can see.
I was the first person you had,
Sang your lullaby and get it through my head.

I know it all,
"Friends" is something anymore we can't call.
A step I couldn't take back.
When I drove to that prom and we dressed in black

I'm sorry that it was all lust, not love.
I'm sorry that I was stuck in the middle and couldn't look above.

I shouldn't hook you in the first place.
I couldn't stand the night I saw your face.
You can say it was all only a phase.
A path that I lost, footprints I retraced.
A short year I considered a grace.


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