Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm 'Not' Through With You

Can you see me?
Floating above your head, as you lay in bed.


And I don't trust you.
Cause every time you're here, your intentions are unclear.
I spend every hour waiting for a phone call.
That I know will never come.
I used to think you were the one.

You ain't ever coming back to me.
That's not how things were supposed to be.
You take my hand just to give it back.
No other lover has ever done that.

Do you remember?
The way we used to melt.
Do you remember how it felt?
When I touched you? Cause I remember very well.

How long has it been?
Since someone you let in?
Has given what I gave to you?

And at night when you sleep,
Do you dream I would be there?
Just for a minute or two.
Do you?

Heartache I just have so much.
A simple love with a complex touch.
I called to let you know I'm not through with you.



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