Friday, July 31, 2015

Thousand Ways To Say I Love You

"Have a great day."
"Sleep early. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite."
"Have a dinner with me."
"Would you mind telling me your story?"
"Don't rush it."
"Have a safe drive."
"Don't be an asshole."
"Take care."
"I'm (still) waiting."
"Thank you for your concern."
"Be brave."
"Did you bring anything you need?"
"Here's your thng."
"Thank you."
"I just want you to be happy."
"Play it safe."
"It's for your own good."
"Have a great life."

In every context, in everyone's sentences.
It could be complex words, or even the simplest words.
In every drop of coffee, in every knit of a tee.
It could be learnt in a hard way, or even in coincidence events.
In every long drives, or even in small steps you take.
It could bring out big smile and laugh, or even drama tears.


There are literally thousands and thousands way to say,"I love you."

Hang on, you're almost there. We're almost there.


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