Sunday, September 13, 2015

Full/Half Eyes

When everybody around you is a friend,
You don't even want it to end,
Showing scars and trying to heal them,
Never been in a chaos or mayhem,
You see everything so clearly,
Doing daily activities normal and ordinary,
Sleep tight not waking up at midnight,
Not losing any of the sight,
Trying to be cool and trying to be nice,
That's full eyes.

Having these insecurities in every crowded places,
Your stomach so hurt that you can barely throw feces,
The wounds won't even healing,
Just pray to god for the sooner calling,
Throwing anything until your room is a mess,
Nobody couldn't even careless,
You can barely sleep struggling with your own thought,
Makes you wonder for who you fought,
Living everyday with these anxieties and lies,
Now that's half eyes.


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