Sunday, September 6, 2015

Time's Up

I kinda wonder,
Why are you all so kind?
I mean,
You're all helping me,
To be like this,
For still having these feelingless minds?
To be such hypocrites,
To lie and hurt me countless times,
Instead of making me bigger and better?

I'm still grateful, though.
I'm thanking all of you,
For everything you did,
For everything you didn't do.
It makes me stronger, at the same time;
Destroyed me.

While timing is a bitch,
When life's nothing but timing.
Until I reach my breaking point.

Well, what's the point of living, anyway?
That's my watch you see.

Just like crackers,
Just like corroded steel,
Just like rusty planks,
Just like, promises.

My watch. No. My time - my faith - is broken.
Coincidence or not, the crack located on my very vein.
A sign? Or maybe is it all a vain?


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