Friday, June 27, 2014

But You Didn't

You told me to organized myself,
By making a list of my own spending
By making an agenda
By attending every class I have
And I did.

You told me to eat twice a day,
Scared that I will get sick
Because here I’m concerned more about my money
Than my health
And I did.

You told me to love you,
Make our relationship real again
For the world to know we still have each other
Save our photographs in my wallet
To contact you when I had the chance
To make you smile
And I did.

I wished you hang on to me,
To forgive my childish manners
To absorb my explosive emotions
As always
Waited for me to come back home
Had a little faith on me
But you didn’t.

 -inspired by a poem with the same title


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