Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Forgive But Not Forget


It's forget but not forgive, ah.
But once again, It's perspective.

I mean, just.... come on.
How can you say you forgive,
when you still talk about it?
when you still bragging about it?
when I, obviously don't do it anymore?

You saw the impact.
I didn't sleep, I can't. I didn't eat, I lose my appetite. i even collapsed.

You said you want the old me, the better me.
And you said if I keep getting worse, you feel pity, not love.
And you made me do it. It's a big deal, you know.

If you try on taking revenge,
If you are trying to hurt me,
Good. You are very succeed. Mission accomplished.
If you still not satisfied, please. Time it.
And get back to my life, like our (second) first met.

You took almost everything in me, brought back the old me.
I'm so fucking grateful, if you ask me.
That's something I always wanted since I entered this institution.
That's something I always wanted since she fucking left me.
That's something I always wanted since we've gone THAT far.

But I can't do it,
Not when you said you waited outside my door.
But I opened the door, stay inside and seeing you....
with someone else.

That's me when I fall for someone, once again.
I drop everything for her.

P.S: Sorry for all those fucking swearing.
Just kidding, I'm not fucking sorry.


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